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The name signifies sweet fragrance or Aroma, just like the food we serve.
Indian Cuisine is not new but with Surabhii we would like to present true South Indian delicacies and home cooked food by using a unique blend of Spices and Masalas made from the scratch.

Surabhii will bring back the traditional tastes with bold flavors and fresh ingredients. Our customs and values reflects in our food and the service we provide.

We pride ourselves in serving a wide variety of Biryanis (Hyderabadi style dum, Coastal style fried piece), Chettinad style curries, Kerala and Andhra based SeaFood (Gongura Royyalu, Malabar Fish fry, Chepala pulusu), all varieties of Dosas and our special Irani Chai with biscuits etc.

Come discover Surabhii – Taste the authenticity and feel the experience along with the great traditional ambience that reflects our culture. Nothing makes us happier than watching our customers enjoy the food.

Athidhi devo bhava